Picture Perfect

Established in 2007, Vega Entertainment is a fully integrated Content Aggregation, Content Creation and Content Distribution Company primarily in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages...

Managing glam quotient

At Vega Entertainment when it comes to celebrity management it's public relations, reputation management, event management and talent management, all rolled in one. For us the i's are dotted and all the...

Entertainment on the Move

Vega Entertainment provides end-to-end mobile entertainment solutions in all four languages for GSM operators. Currently we have partnered with several local and international GSM operators for providing...

Fun on the Run

Two decades and the Mobile games business has evolved from cottage industry to a fully grown branch of the entertainment industry. According to Pricewaterhouse Coopers(PwC)...

Vega Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

At Vega Entertainment knowledge and expertise of its people is the most valued assed and thereby undertakes in-depth research towards understanding and creating meaningful content that sells. Our maiden release Telugu movie "SMS" was commercially and critically accepted. Our roll-out plan in the next few months includes "Gola Gola", 040, Sindhu, Parents (bilingual). Going forward the company has green lighted two more productions

Released at 10 Feb 2012
Released at 26 Oct 2012
Ready to Release
Ready to Release
Vega Music Pvt. Ltd.

Vega Entertainment & Vega Music catalogue has 4000 plus Songs. Among other strategies, Vega Music Pvt Ltd tries to ensure that the acquisition of Music rights include A-grade films, B-grade Films and some C-grade films through strategic alliance with big film corporations and other medium to small corporations. This include film albums, non-film albums and devotional albums. This year Vega Music has an impressive line of releases with some...

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Releasing Soon
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Released at 18th Dec 2011
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Online Entertainment
Vega Entertainment on Youtube

While the digital revolution has brought up interesting insights and consumption patterns of the digital-friendly audience, We at Vega Entertainment have been keeping tab on it
Vega Entertainment has an offering of over 2500 movies in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada. This offering of content to the viewer is exclusive and premium...

110,070,385 video views
159,523 Subscribers
70,792,975 video views
72,788 Subscribers
23,084,568 video views
20,074 Subscribers
269,109 video views
594 Subscribers
65,708 video views
424 Subscribers
23,066 video views
355 Subscribers
Technology Services
Future Apps
Mobile Applications

Since 2007, Vega Entertainment Publishes and distributes Celebrity Mobile Applications, Music & Video Application, Communication & Entertainment Application and Social Games that consumers can use on a variety of platforms such as Social Networks, Wireless Devices, Cellular Phones, Smartphones including Apple IPhone, IPad, All Android Phones and standalone websites. ..

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Android & 2D

Vega Entertainment is the leading player in the 2D, Android and Mobile Gaming space. We have a wide array of 280 proprietary games with a tremendous global fan following of over 1 million unique visitors a month. With our own technologically equipped studio and a highly proficient set of creative art production and programming team, we ensure that each game is created and hosted with newer benchmarks each time...

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Released at 13 June 2012
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Digital Books

The all popular childrens magazine BOMMARILLU in Telugu language, GUDIYA in Hindi language, BOMMAI VEEDU in Tamil Language, BOMBE MANE in Kannada Language, GULMOHAR in Marathi Language, will still amuse you as they did while you were children, the only different being it is reproduced and put in digital format.

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